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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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so if there was ever a moment for all of us to reflect and reaffirm our most basic beliefs that everybody counts and everybody has dignity, now is the time. it's a good time for all of us to retreat on how we treat each other and insist on respect and quality for every human being. we have to end discrimination and violence against poem in the lbgt community, other and around the world where they are routinely prosecuted. we have to challenge the oppression of women, wherever it occurred, here or overseas. it's only us, americans, here in
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orlando with the men and women taken from us, those who loved them we see some of the true character of this country, the best coming roaring back. the fierce resolve that will carry us through not only this atrocity but through whatever difficult times may confront us. it's our pluralism and our respect for each other including the young man who said to a friend he was super proud to be latino. it's our love of country, the patriotism of an army reservist who was known as an amazing officer. it's our unity, the outpouring of love that so many across our country has shown to our fellow americans who are lbgt, a display of solidarity that might
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have been unimaginable even a couple of years ago. out of this darkest of moments that gives us hope. seeing people reflect and seek people of's best instincts come out. maybe in some cases minds and heart change. it is our strength and our resilience, the same determination of a man who died here who traveled the world mindful of the risks as a gay man and said we are not going to be afraid. may we all find that same strength in our own lives. me we all find that same wisdom in how we treat one another.
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may god bless all who we lost here in orlando and may we comfort their families and may he heal the wounded. may he bring some solace to those whose hearts have been broken and may he give us resolve to do what's necessary to reduce the hatred of this world, to curb the violence and may he watch over this country that we call home. thank you very much, everybody. >> that was minutes ago at the makeshift memorial that sprung up in orlando. the president flanked by the vice president. the tape was hand carried to the airport and we've played it for you. air force one and air force two are already wheels up on their
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way to andrews air force base. to chris jansing who has been covering this for days in orlando and, chris, having covered this president as you have for so long, people have, i'm afraid, don't realized how miserable a task it is. it's the tenth time he's gone on a trip to console the loved ones that he customarily asks to be alone and in this case with the vice president and goes from family to family. can you imagine? >> it's almost impossible to imagine and when you talk to the president or talk to the people close toast him it is they say the most heartbreaking thing that he has to do. you heard him talking about the parent of an 18-year-old girl who talked about how happy she was and what a bright future she had in front of her and talking to dozen of people over the course of two hours that the president was there, hearing all of their stories an also hearing from them he says a plea to see
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that it doesn't happen again so once again for the tenth time you see him walking the line both as consoler in chief and someone who has often been able to find the word in the aftermath of a shooting in charleston, as we saw there in that church or in the aftermath of sandy hook and new town where the first graders were killed and he said they would be fifth graders now and mrs. a political leader who knows that the clock is ticking and i thought as i was hearing him talk about the political challenges out there about the father of someone who was killed way back at columbine, and i was talking to him after the san bernardino shootings and he says, you know, we worry those of us who have become active in this that we have all become a little too complacent, that it's become too familiar and we've hardened our hearts to it it. i think what the president was trying to say todayed is that all of our hearts are broken,
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that america is standing with the people in orlando but perhaps, perhaps there may be a little hope that there is a cumulative effect that people are finally saying enough. now what the answer to enough is a political question, but i do know, brian, from having been to many of these are the president that it does matter to these families, that the leader of the free world comes, listens to their stories and shares their grief. >> brian. >> chris jansing in orlando where our team has covered this since the early morning hours of sunday and speaking of the inevitable politics of this, this is the hour we set aside each day for the discussion that have and issues like the overnight filibuster by senate democrats. our coverage thus conditions with "meet the press" daily here's chuck todd. >> you're right. it's now a political question and how is washington going to respond to this? welcome to "mpt daily."
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addressing the victims' families and first responders in the wake of what is the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. the president compared this tragedy to the massacre of 26 people, including 20 first graders at sandy hook school in new town, connecticut. here it is again. >> those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon. the motives of this killer may have been different than the mass shooters in aurora or new town but the instruments of death were so similar and now another 49 innocent people are dead. and there it is. that's the split essentially in our politics. democrats and the president focused more so on the access to
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the tools to do these acts. many republicans want to have a terrorism conversation. it has been four days since this deadliest act of terrorism on u.s. soil since 9/11, and it seems that today this act of violence may be what finally promise congress to act on a gun bill after years of legislative stand still, but this time we're seeing signs of a potentially different outcome, at least in the senate, on a couple of gun control measures. senator dianne feinstein and senate majority rich john core anyone both proposed legislation to restrict purchasing of guns to people on a waiting list and after senator murphy of connecticut's 15-hour filibuster which ended near 2:00 a.m. prompting a deal, votes could happen in the senate as soon as monday. republicans will allow votes on two gun control measures, the so-called no-fly ban and expansion of gun checks to gun shows and internet sales land
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there be another compromise to the cornyn aspect. it's the ability to tie the violence to terrorism. democrats are using terrorism as a way to get bert attention for their gun bills. here's senator murphy with my colleague andrea mitchell earlier tailed. >> over the course of this weekend we are going to unleash a fury of advocacy on republican congressional offices and maybe we won't convince them on background checks where they are dug in a little bit more but i challenge republicans, especially those up for election to vote against preventing terrorists, twhoes are on the no-fly list from getting guns. >> just a short while ago this afternoon i spoke exclusively with speaker paul ryan who seemed open to looking at gun access for people on the watch list. >> we're looking at the cornyn amendment and want to make sure we get this right. the question right now is if someone is on a terror watch list, are the authorities
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notified as to whether a person on that list is trying to purchase a gun or not? that is the procedure right now show the question is can we make sure that that procedure works the way it's supposed to work. that's point number one. point number two you don't want to deny the person without constitutional rights without due process so we have -- we have to concern ourselves with the constitution and rights, and we don't want to deny a person their due process rights. that's point number two. point number three is the fbi is telling us be careful how you do this so you don't undermine or blow terrorism investigations so we can't just be very clumsy and rush to judgment and do something that actually harms our ability to do terrorist investigations. we've got to get it right and we're going to take a deep breath and make sure that this is done correctly so that the policy of making sure that the authorities know and have time to respond to if a person who is on a terrorist watch list is trying to buy a gun that they are notified, that we want to make sure we get right. >> a lot of people will read a lot into what speaker ryan said
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to me there. part of an interview much of which will air on "meet the press" on sunday but it does sunday like, hey, there's some room to negotiate and it didn't sound like he was hard hand fast on anything. pretty important i think piece of information to add to that. now, these, of course, aren't guarantees that anything will happen, but you do see that the terror link has changed the conversation, at least on this issue when it comes to guns. our newest numbers, by the way, from the monkey online tracking poll back this up. one in four americans rank terrorism as the issue that matters the most, just under jobs and the economy and has double from last week when it sat at 12%. nothing like a terrorism act to get people's attention. among republicans it's the top issue with 35% ranking it important and 61% of americans support stricter gun laws and when it comes to assault weapons
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numbers are nearly identical. 60% support a ban on their sale. one of the senators who took place in the late night filibuster is amy klobuchar. how are you? >> i'm good. thanks very much for taking on this important topics and it was good to hear the president's remarks. >> it's interesting here. i know that you guys are far apart, democrats and republicans. rhetorically though everybody is on the same page though. doesn't that give you some hope, that okay, maybe feinstein's amendment isn't what it's going to be. maybe they will acknowledge cornyn's amendment isn't tough enough, but it does seem like there's talking here. >> well, this was, as you've said, the worst mass shooting in the history of america so if this doesn't bring people together to try to do something to prevent this from happening in the future as we look at the anniversary of charleston, as we look at what happened in san bernardino, as we talk about those children in new town that were first graders when they were slaughtered and would have been in sixth grade now, yes, i hope it brings people together,
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and there is some hope here because of the fact that, as you point out, that at least there's been some discussion on the republican side. now, we think we want to have something that makes a difference. i think most americans would be shocked to know that people who are on a terror watch list can't fly if they are on the no-fly list but they can go out and purchase a weapon, and so that is number one focus, and the second, of course, is the background check. there was bipartisan support for that background check bill t.barely missed passing last time because we didn't have enough republican votes, but that would also, as senator manchin, once "a" rated from the nra has been a leader on this issue with sensible measures said you really need both. you need the background checks and you also need to make sure that people on terror watch list can't purchase weapons. >> before you were in the u.s. senate you were a prosecutor and you heard speaker ryan say to me and i've heard director comey say to me, too, that there is a concern that when the terror
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watch list gets triggered and somebody finds out oh, man, my background check failed and i must be on the watch list that it might impede an investigation. what's the work around this? >> there is a work around and it's very clear. the fbi when they are following someone, when someone is in their watch and they have their sights on them, they may case-by-case determinations. they can decide that as long as they have people on them they are going to let them get a gun or they are going to put them on a plane because they got someone on them and they don't want to tip them off. those things happen in investigations, but that's when someone is closely watched. we have a case here where there may be people that are being watched that can still go out and buy a gun legally, an so i think what you have to do here is give some discretion to the justice department and i know from senator feinstein that the attorney general. united states and the justice department includes the fbi says that her bill is good and supports her bill, and so i
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think that you give that kind of discretion in any kind of investigation and that's what could happen here. >> you know, the other thing that popped up today that i think adds to this debate has to do with keeping an eye on people that need to be surveilled, that the fbi and right now they don't have enough individuals to keep track of all the people they want to be watching here in the united states. i know there's a fine line with privacy in this country but at the same time it seems as if the february is surrounding the alarm that, may, there might be more omar mateens out there that we can't keep track of anymore. what do we do about this? >> first of all, you want people's privacy rights detected. we've done changes over the way we've done surveillance but that doesn't mean you want to give the fbi ample resources to do their jobs. i like jim comb de, a law school classmate of mine at the university of chicago. has incredible integrity, bush
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appointee for u.s. attorney and now an obama appointee and th e there's a case that they need resources. barbara mikulski is adding resources to the fbi as part of the package that we need, sensible background lists and don't let people on the terror watch list to purchase weapons and let's get some resources to the fbi so they can do their jobs. >> what are you more concerned about right now, a mass shooting or a terrorist attack or both? >> i think you always have to be on the lookout for both. we know we have seen these mass shootings, and you've pointed out various motivations and one size doesn't fit all when it comes to the solutions. part of of this is dismantling terrorist groups like isis and al shabab, where they are and also stopping them at home. we've just had three convictions just last week in minnesota in federal court for people that were trying to join isis so we're well aware of the need to
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go after these kinds of cases and to work with the muslim community. the muslim community is a really important part of our community in minnesota. we have the biggest somali community. we're proud of that. they work with us on these kinds of cases and in these kinds of investigations, and i think it's important to continue the pressure on both sides. that is dismantling them where they are and going after their enclaves and going after their money and working with allies and at the same time being aware that whether it's a lone wolf or an organized effort they are going to try to attack us here at home. >> very quickly, do you -- do you feel like there's enough sense of urgency is going after isis. you know many republican colleagues believe there isn't right now. john mccain expressed some frustration and used some language that he ended up pulling back about president obama, but it does go to the heart where he believes not enough is being done to destroy isis now. do you believe enough is being done to destroy isis now? >> well, i would have done some things earlier.
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i support the no-fly zone and did back there to try to help the syrian people and try to help the groups -- the more moderate elements and forces there, so i would have done some things differently. at the same time we know the president is systematically taking out their leadership with drones, that we have reached out to our alice. there's been an admission not enough has been done with allies, and that's slowly but slowly changing. the kurds are a major norse in helping us, and that has to continue. >> sounds like you sort of agree with more of your republican colleagues that more could be done? >> oh, what i don't agree with is to blame the president somehow for this shooting. there's one person to blame. that is this man, this deranged man who slaughtered innocent people grand there you then go on for solutions, and i think the president did a wonderful job today in expressing the need for people to show the kind of courage that we've seen from those parents in new town that have never given up trying to pass a law in congress that will
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save future children. >> senator amy klobuchar, senator from minnesota, good talking to you. again, see my full interview with speaker ryan sunday on "meet the press." let's just say we didn't just talk about the gun issue. coming up, one year ago today donald trump escalated himself into the presidential race. we're going to talk to arkansas governor asa hutchinson and has been critical of him and supportive of him at the same time. details of their face-to-face meeting earlier this week. stay tuned. [plumber] i ed to be where t pipes are.
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one year since donald trump entered the campaign trail. coming up we'll talk to governor asa hutchinson from arkansas about the road ahead for trump and the gop. we're back in a minute. we've got at thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send!
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an out-of-control trump campaign. we've seen a chorus of top republicans chastise their republican nominee in recent days. trump's response, deal with it. >> this is too tough to do it alone, but you know what, i think i'm going to be forced to. our leaders have to get a lot tougher, and be quiet. just, please be quiet, don't talk. please be quiet. we have to have our republicans either stick together or let me just do it by my investment i'll do very well. i'm going to do very well. >> those comments became another headache to deal with for republicans on the hill. here's house speaker paul ryan talking with reporters today. >> mr. trump yesterday said this addressing congressional leaders like yourself. be quiet, just please be quiet and don't talk. what is your reaction to that, and is -- how do you have any confidence that this is a guy who is going to have respect for separation of powers? >> you can't make this up sometimes. i'll just say we represent a
2:24 pm
separate but equal branch of government. >> made headlines about souring relations with party leaders including this new one from our own katy tur and hallie jackson. trump's top aides held multiple meet national washington with gop officials and folks on capitol hill. trump himself was in washington before jetting to dallas for a couple of fund-raisers attended by rnc chairman reince priebus who cheerfully reported that reports of discord are pure fiction. great events lined up all over texas. republicans will win in november and with trump's fraying relationships on capitol hill has multiple republican governors unhappy with his campaign and here's governor john kasich with my colleague joe scarborough. >> donald trump called me and said can you support me. we're like two companies, different values, different visions. kind of hard to put that together. either there's going to be dramatic change or i can't find my way there. >> when you go out and suggest that american soldiers sold
2:25 pm
cache from iraq. >> or you imply that maybe the sympathetic is sympathetic to an act of terrorism, those are outrageous things. it's trending all the wrong way. >> trump hud ed with republican governors from new jersey, oklahoma, arizona and tennessee and arkansas. ijoined by the arkansas governor, asa hutchinson who is committed to supporting trump as the republican nominee as president. governor, welcome back to the show, sir. >> thank you, chuck. good to be with you. >> well, you've been tough on donald trump even in the last week, what you were really upset about the attack on the federal judge, and you even said this. i have a daughter-in-law who is of mexican heritage. she is a u.s. citizen and loves america. she should be valued because of who she is as a person and not judged because of where she was born. obviously that upset you and yet you're sticking by donald trump. explain. >> well, i hope i have a new framework that will work in this
2:26 pm
very tumultuous action cycle and that i have a candidate that is on my team. it's a team that i believe is the best direction to lead our country and yet you'll have disagreements with him from time to time. as i met with mr. trump, we had a very good meeting had, but it was unusual because i told him there's disagreement we have, both in style and also in policy and the way we communicate things. i'll have to express things differently than he does, but when you look at the incredible choice we have to make in november and the direction of our confidence i have a lot more confidence in the team that donald trump will put together surrounded by republican leadership, strong on defense, strong on the economy, fighting terrorism. that's the team i want to support in november. >> you know, you weren't pretty happy with him though even earlier, and i know you supported marco rubio and appeared in ads. in february you called -- you said the words -- you were saying on some of his rhetoric, the words are frightening and then on specific policy on trade
2:27 pm
you said this. whenever you look at promising positions that look totally undoable and unwise it's hard to figure where this goes in terms of leadership, so you seem to be extremely concerned about it, more than just his tone. you're also not happeny with some of his policies. >> well, absolutely. we have differences on policy, as i have stated. certainly we have a difference in style, and i was trying to pick a different quarterback, but ghaes? arkansas and the republican primary system chose donald trump as our quarterback and i'm not going to stop blocking just because i would have made a different choi ao i respect the primary process that we've gone through. my job as a republican leader is to help shape the direction we go, and i think i can best serve donald trump, the republican nominee, by sui we fled to articulate how we're going to
2:28 pm
fight terrorism in a different way. we need to make sure that we protect our border in a way that utilizes technology. i want to bring my experience and help shape the direction we go, and that's i think the best service i can give to our country and the republican nominee. >> obviously though what does a trade war to china do to one of the most important companies in the state of arkansas, walmart? >> well, hopefully we can negotiate better trade deals. i think that's the message that we want to convey. obviously trade is very important to me, but let's contrast it. you're holding mr. trump to very high standard. i think you have to hold the challenges that mrs. clinton faces in the same way, and the fact is we've got two candidates leads our countries in two different directions. i like the team that mr. trump can put together in terms of republican leadership when it comes to trade. his message and he's rhetorical. he's setting the stage saying we've got to be tougher on trade. i'm fine with being tougher on trade.
2:29 pm
obviously we don't want to start a trade war that backfires on our international commerce, but it's okay to be tough and have a good enforcement policy that -- that puts america in a fair position with the rest of the world. >> you know, it's interesting though. he really must be different in these private meetings because you're not the first person who has been skeptical going in. you go in and have this private meeting. you come out and you feel better and then, you know, sometimes he does something that makes you feel less better. what does he say in the meet that is make you feel better versus the guy you've seen on stage and in public? >> well, he's a very congenial person. we had a wonderful conversation. i mope, he was open. he gave his time. we talked substance. we talked orlando. we talked terrorism. he listened. but at the same time i'm not naive and i made the point in the conversation i know there's going to be things tomorrow, two months from now that i'm going to disagree or you're going to say in the wrong way, and, you
2:30 pm
know, he wants me to be quiet and perhaps i can't do that because i want to be able to shape the direction we go and i think that's the best service that i can give, but it was a good meeting, and i think we'll put together a good team to go forward after the convention. >> would you be open to serve inform a trump administration, maybe as high as his running mate or other position? >> when you've got the best job in america as governor of arkansas you don't look beyond that. >> does that rule out ever doing anything for the ticket, being on the ticket or serving in the administration? >> well, we don't want to be speculative. i'm just very, very happy what i'm doing. i'm trying to articulate in a fair way the importance of balancing the support that we want to give our nominee to win in november to give the right direction for america. we haven't talked about the supreme court. that's a defining difference to me as to who is going to make the best appointments. i'm articulating a way forward that i think works for me and can work for our party. >> okay.
2:31 pm
governor, i know you've got to go. appreciate the time. good talking with you, sir. >> thank you, chuck. >> you got it. now i'm joined by republican sal trujillo, a non-profit working group, not a trump fan but a fan of the republican party. thank you and welcome to the show. >> thank you, chuck. glad to be here. >> let's talk about, look, you just heard from somebody who is trying to walk this line of supporting the republican party, supporting the direction of republicans. i think paul ryan is trying to do the same thing and at the same time trying to tamp down what they think is incendiary rhetoric, you know, hoping that it goes away. explain why you can't be for trump. >> well, first of all, let me be clear. i'm a business person. i'm not a politician. i do chair the latino donor collaborative which was about, you know, the positioning of latinos in our country who are the most dynamic economic growth
2:32 pm
element, domestically speak being of all people, and as a business person the one thing i want to do is to make sure we as americans, we're thinking about how we're going to grow an economy, now how we destroy it, but to your question specifically i am a lifelong republican. i've supported virtually every presidential candidate since i've been able to vote that was reap warnings and i think when you listen to speaker ryan, when you listen to the governor here, you hear people that are thoughtful. you hear people that are thinking about america first as opposed to specific what i would call damaging positions, so my view, chuck, is that as i look to the convention and as i look at what's the party platform as opposed to party platitudes, that is going to be a critical point in time for most voters in terms of looking at the
2:33 pm
republican party through the eyes of what's been articulated by donald trump so far or through the eyes of the leadership because you can appoint people on your cabinet. you can appoint people in the administration, but if there is a leader that is vowed and determined to do the things that he's articulated thus far it doesn't matter who is appointed. it doesn't matter who is around that person so that's the reality. i want leaders that are going to worry about the country first, worry about how we position ourselves fiscally as a republican and then secondly how we deal with other issues that are dependant upon our fiscal strength. >> now, i've heard some donors talk about quitely, and i don't know if it's ever going to come together, essentially trying to hold party leaders like paul ryan, mitch mcconnell and the
2:34 pm
rnc hostage saying if you don't open up the convention we're not giving to us. you expect donors to give to the down ballot, if you don't split with trump, why should we give you the money? what do you think of ideas like that? >> again, chuck, i'm not an insider in terms of party politics. i'm just an american citizen. my family's been here for hundreds of years, but do i care about how we -- whether it's a democrat or a republican, how we come together as a nation to be much more competitive, to deal with these issues of trade and to deal with these issues of domestic growth and how we think about, you know, the whole competitive nature and the united states of america as opposed to a divided states of america. i can't answer your question because i'm not an insider per se. >> let me ask you this. is there anything that donald trump can do now to convince to you support him? >> i think he has to retract,
2:35 pm
you know, this issue of creating trade war, this issue of his rhetoric, his damaging rhetoric about latinos, mexicans specifically and how he thinks about growing our economy because let me be very clear, chuck, i'm going to give you some data points. 351% of all mortgages given out over the last decade have been taken out by latino families. look at $1.1 trillion spent by latinos in this country growing at 80 billion to $90 billion per year, these are data points i could fill up a whole sheet with that would tell you that when we look at our economy and you want to change this.07% gdp growth that may be at risk already, we have to stimulate and catalyze, not destroy. >> all right. sol trujillo i'll leave it there, longtime republican, obviously a little bit concerned about the direction with the top of the ticket. thanks for coming on.
2:36 pm
>> all right. thank you. >> appreciate it. still ahead. our race. day. the path could be clearing for a rubio re-run. the late on the senate floor fight. stay tuned. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here. up next, our panel reflects on the year of trump and our race of the day why marco rubio could face a major challenge if he does add his name back into the running. first, jackie deangelis has our cnbc mark wrap. >> reporter: hey, thanks so much, chuck. wall street closing up today. the dow jones jumping 92 points, the s&p gaining six and the nasdaq adding nearly 10. meantime, volkswagen planning to introduce 30 electric-powered vehicle by 2025 and sell 2 million to 3 million of them each year. volkswagen admitting it used software in diesel cars that evades emission tests and the labor department saying the number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose by 13,000 last week but remains below 300,000. the low level indicates a
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when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> one year ago today when donald trump entered the presidential race we asked tonight's panelists what their most memorable trump moment of the past year was. well, we'll reveal them. here now democratic strategist and "washington post" political reporter ed o'keefe and former political director for president george w. bush. >> that bite we played at the top, ed, was your most memorable moment. why did you pick that?
2:44 pm
>> because i don't think we realized in the moment how important that was. i was following jeb bush most of last summer and it took him three weeks to respond to it because at that point -- >> which by the way tells you everything you need to know about the bush campaign. >> but it was also because at that point he had insulted his mexican-important wife and mostly that that he was responding to and went back. >> again, nobody picked up on it at that point, and i was in vegas last week talking to reporters -- talking not to reporters but to voters. >> french-canadian slip. that's what the media does, just talked to each other. a- a-ha, we knew it. >> they were younger hispanic voters and he shade trump has made valid points over the economy and change in washington and he's racist and i'll never vote for him because of what he said. >> that's the thing that smart republicans have always understood which is that you cannot have a conversation with minority voters unless you get the tone right first. you can have an intelligent
2:45 pm
discussion about immigration and you can persuade hispanics to support. they are not a monolithic group, but, you know, when you insult them as a group they don't listen to anything on any other issue. >> chris, you picked a moment having to do with how he handled the judge comment in san diego. i'll play a clip of it. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'll building a wall, okay? he's a member of a society that's very pro-mexico, that's all fine. but i think he should recuse himself. >> you didn't coordinate here. >> no. >> and we'll have a -- we'll have sarah's reveal in a about interand why did you pick that moment. as a democrat you figure that's, you know, he's just destroyed his chances with latino voters. >> it was a serious defining moment when it comes to trump. general elections, particularly
2:46 pm
presidential elections are -- you're trying to put demographic blocks together in order to get to that magic 50, 50 plus one and here you are alienating hispanic. he started from the top and you're like hoping like maybe he learned, maybe he -- maybe the republicans that were concerned about what he was doing. >> 11 months apart by the way from what he said in june. >> not only did he not learn, he doubled down and it offended not only the judge and his family and millions of hispanics but also any reasonable person who says the idea that you're going to demonize someone for their ethnic heritage and ignore the fact that he is an american citizen. >> yeah. >> born here, was i think beyond the pale, and i think it really started to -- to turn his campaign that was always kind of faltering, always kind of close to falling off the cliff. it really started this last few weeks that we've seen where the trump campaign has been in real trouble. >> more troubling for the party the fact he was insulting the next generation of hispanic voters because they say -- >> these are people born here.
2:47 pm
>> i'm a this is something he tweeted. >> happy cinco de mayo, best taco sgloe taco bowls. >> you all picked something that offended hispanic voters. >> you can't make this stuff up. in presidential politics by the time you're the party's nominee you don't make mistakes like this and as i said earlier that is tonal problem and it also speaks to something larger about his campaign apparatus. we all laugh about the fact that evidently that taco bowl didn't come from trump tower. some reporter realized they went and found it somewhere else. >> he made an effort to go get it. >> he made an effort to go get it and everything is fact-checked. everything needs to be detailed-oriented and they don't run that type of operation. this is fly by the seat of your pants. this is trump in his bedroom at
2:48 pm
night tweeting and this is not a way to conduct a campaign on any level. >> all right. that's our one-year retrospective and i think the theme is look who he alienated. we're going to take a pause and change topics and stay with us our race of the day is next. you guys may have a lot to say about that one. stay tuned. ♪ ♪fore it became a m, it was an idea.
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2:50 pm
florida is our race of the day. as we told you yesterday marco rubio is reconsidering a run for a second senate turn and joined president obama on air force one for the flight to orlando today and rubio says he'll spend time with his family this week before he decides on a campaign. the deadline to he declined. politico reports lopez says he will step aside if rubio decided to run and he may have company. two republican congressmen insist are likely to drop out if rubio enters the race. jolly will announce his plans at
2:51 pm
a press conference tomorrow. they are poised to attack him from the right and as washington insider. the republican party has no use for a presidential nominee who has shown he can't carry florida. the dnc is likely to throw the kitchen sink to quash rubio once and for all. we'll be right back. ...clear for take off.
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2:54 pm
get a little more into marco rubio. it's a high risk move he's doing. as a republican, you're probably happy he wants to get in but this is risky. >> it is risky for him. if he was to get in here and lose this race, the primary, but it's been a wild year. >> it's a low turn out august primary. >> then in the general, it's such an unpredictable landscape. he's really tied to donald trump. i don't know if i would want to be tied to donald trump at this point. >> democrats are chomping their bit. they're a little nervous about it. the ads write themselves.
2:55 pm
he's taken positions that will make it hard for them. >> he got to win the first term without having to move to the middle. he has the luxury of not having to do that. it really helped him in the presidential primary. the problem is florida is a swing state for a republican. there's voters all over the place. did he put himself in a too conservative box. >> depends on the day. >> you can run either way. >> where do you position yourself because the democrats will come at them and at him tieing them together. how do you separate them. how do you separate yourself from trump and when you try to, they use your words for and against. it's trap he cannot get out of. >> this is important for his
2:56 pm
future. running and running strong and coalescing the party behind him. if he wants the future in the presidential stage, he needs to get into statewide office. >> will the bush family forgive rubio. will jeb forgive rubio enough to help him in the senate race? >> i don't know. >> you think jeb is better. >> i don't think he's better. i don't think he cares. >> there you have it. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face...
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that's all we got for you tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts two seconds late. i'm alex wagner. >> with "with all due respect" to abc, cbs, fox news and bloomberg tv, if you're laughing at the idea of trump tv, do you really think he can compete with this. ♪ ♪ some people got to have it ♪ some people really need it ♪ listen


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